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Article: The Skin Sisters: Brooke and Lauren, Skincare experts

Skin Sisters - Skincare experts

The Skin Sisters: Brooke and Lauren, Skincare experts

Diving into the lives of Brooke and Lauren, sisters and skincare experts. After spending many years away on the coasts, the sisters decided to return to their hometown (Edina, Minnesota) to raise their children and open a Skin Health & Aesthetics office together.


Can you briefly walk us through your sisters’ story and tell us how you became skincare experts?

While we currently hold the same position and career, our paths toward achieving them are very different. We are just one year apart in age and have gone through every stage of life together, so it is fun to use our specific experiences in working together on ‘The Skin Sisters.’

Lauren knew early on that she was interested in a career in Medicine and found her way to becoming a Physician Assistant through several different mentors in the medical field. She completed a prestigious training program during PA school with a Dermatologist in New York City and was hired on her last day as a student. After working in Dermatology on the Upper East Side of Manhattan for many years, she and her husband returned home to Minnesota in 2011.

Skincare experts

Brooke originally started her career on the West Coast working at a PR firm. She spent a summer in Manhattan, where she and Lauren shared a studio apartment, and during that time started focusing on a career change. After studying Public Health and Fellowship in India, Brooke completed PA school and a Dermatology job serendipitously found her upon graduation.

Skincare experts

We built @TheSkinSisters to give access to inside, expert skincare information in the same way that our little sister can get her questions answered! We use our scientific expertise, as Physician Assistants with years of clinical Dermatology experience, to provide product recommendations, ingredient breakdowns, skincare tips by generation and all things skin health & aesthetics.

We sometimes share about our personal lives, style, travel, food and our day to day work as Dermatology PA’s. We are so proud of our organic growth, and that we are able to harness our education, training and careers to provide high quality information to those who are interested.

What sets us apart as skincare experts is our easy to understand writing, approachable personalities and our quick snippets about what products to use, why, how and when. You won’t find long, rambling captions on our posts, nor will you find advertisement after advertisement. We are exceptionally truthful and we only discuss products that we have used and loved.

Skincare experts

And, has it been a smooth road along the way?

Yes and no! We are so comfortable with the world of skincare, skin health, aesthetic and dermatology but the social media world has been an entirely new frontier! There are always struggles with other skincare experts posting similar stories, or others trying to discredit the things we say. Overall, the social media community has been extremely accepting and supportive, and we’ve found a wonderful group of Dermatology PA’s around the country who we speak with regularly.

Who or what inspires you the most? And why?

Brooke: I am most inspired by my children. Especially my two year old daughter, who is just starting to experience the world in such an interactive way. Seeing her curiosity at every sight, sound, smell and touch encourages me to remember you’re never too old to learn something new!

Lauren: I am also inspired best my children – their ability to adapt, grow, and open their eyes to new experiences is incredible.

Skincare experts

What are your favorite smells, fragrances? Why?

Brooke: Lavender is, and always has been, my favorite smell. Bright, clean, sumptuous lavender reminds me of travels, relaxing days, my grandmother’s potted plants and I am certain it will always be my favorite smell.

Lauren: I love spicy smells. There is nothing better than cinnamon or cloves boiling on the stove. I love strong scents – though I will say, conversely, there’s really nothing better than the smell of peonies in the house in May.

Could you tell us what BEAUTY means to you?

Brooke: Beauty to me means having inner peace and confidence.
Lauren: Beauty is individuality, personality, and glow.


Skincare experts

As skincare experts, what is your skincare routine?

​Brooke: Right now, with two kids two years old and under my skincare routine is usually very quick and focused on workhouse products. Antioxidant everyday, eye cream every day, moisturizer and SPF and I’m out the door!

Lauren: I am a loyal skincare user; I try tons of new products every month for ‘The Skin Sisters,’ but I always go back to my own routine:

  • Gentle cleanser
  • Antioxidant serum
  • Eye cream
  • Growth factors
  • and always sunscreen.

I try to keep it simple so I never feel overwhelmed by the routine.

Can you list two of your favorite Embryolisse products and briefly explain why?

When Brooke studied abroad was when she first was exposed to Embryolisse and the original Lait Creme Concentre. She fell in love and brought it back for us both to use. We were so excited when it became widely available in the US and we didn’t have to beg friends and family who were traveling overseas to purchase it.

The Radiant Eye cooling stick is also one of a favorite and amazing for quickly de-puffing before an event. Keep it cool in the fridge for extra soothing.


What’s your favorite memory from childhood or adulthood?

Brooke: Our family used to vacation frequently in Southern California, all together. I have so many memories of siblings, parents, grandparents all together celebrating each other, laughing, playing at the beach or hanging out at the huge dining table playing cards and watching the sun set.

Lauren: My favorite memories come from uninterrupted time with the kids. There is nothing better than going on a ski vacation with them and having fun together, getting that quality time on the chairlift between runs, and then making memories over puzzles and hot chocolate in the evenings.


What’s is your life philosophy?

Brooke: Work hard and be nice to people. 

Lauren: Be sincere, genuine, and kind. 

Thank you so much Brooke and Lauren for sharing your Skin Sisters’ story with our readers.

Contact information:

The Skin Sisters 

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