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New Lait-Créme Fluid+ Eco-Refill

Embryolisse, smart multi-tasking skincare

As a specialist in multi-tasking skincare since 1950, Embryolisse develops high-performance short formulas for natural, simple and more responsible beauty. Let your skin do the talking.

Created by a dermatologist

Endorsed by make-up asrtists

Efficacy and optimal tolerance

Multi-function and multi-benefits

Natural origin skincare

Anti-Blemish routine - acne-prone skincare


Anti-Blemish Routine

With Organic Turmeric: An Ancestral Beauty Secret

Embryolisse has developed three new, highly natural skincare products, specially formulated for oily and acne-prone skin which are ultra-gentle, yet extremely effective.

What do they have in common? Turmeric, a high performance anti-inflammatory and anti-blemish ingredient that is infused into each of the alcohol-free formulas.

3-IN-1 SECRET PASTE: The ultimate in anti-blemish skincare

ANTI-BLEMISH SERUM: Face and Body sebum regulator

MATTIFYING MOISTURIZER: Eliminate shine, while replenishing moisture

Ingenious, Effective and Perfectly Gentle


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