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Our commitments

The uniqueness of Embryolisse formulas.

The Embryolisse formulation charter, supervised by expert pharmacists in dermo-cosmetics, is based on a search for essentials and the best for the skin since 1950. The expertise of Laboratoires Embryolisse is founded on a unique know-how in formulation that addresses essential skin needs: hydration, nutrition, and protection.
The formulas, which focus on the essential, are meticulously developed without compromising on the choice of ingredients, ensuring proven performance and optimal tolerance. They are now tested on 100% sensitive skin.


Our skincare products are: 

Natural and Made in France

Each new product incorporates a minimum of 90 to 95% natural origin ingredients (excluding Artist Secret tinted products, for which we aim for a minimum of 85% natural origin ingredients). We are reformulating our entire catalog to meet these thresholds of naturalness for all our products. In 2023, two-thirds of our product range meets these criteria.

Embryolisse commitment natural


 Embryolisse laboratory

Our skincare products are: 


All our products are clinically tested and approved by independent laboratories. 

Our skincare products offer: 

Optimal tolerance 

 Our formulas are now systematically tested on 100% sensitive skin. The brand was born in a specialized dermatology hospital in Paris and is currently led by a pharmacist.

high tolerance
Our skincare products are: 
Because working towards more responsible consumption is in our DNA, our innovations are designed to be multi-purpose, easy to use, fit into short routines, and accessible to a wide range of customers.


Better eco-design of products.

For our tubes, we prioritize aluminum for its excellent properties:

It is also the brand's signature since our best sellers have been packaged in aluminum tubes from the beginning.

Glass packaging also has our preference for its outstanding formula preservation properties, durability, and perfect recyclability.

When we cannot avoid using plastic (due to formula protection or functionality reasons), we prioritize using plastic that contains up to 50% recycled plastic (PCR) whenever possible.

Our packaging boxes are made of paper sourced from sustainably and responsibly managed forests (FSC mix). They are necessary to protect certain products (such as aluminum tubes) during transportation.

Our packaging boxes, plastic bottles (PET), aluminum tubes, glass bottles, and jars are all recyclable. Sorting instructions are provided to facilitate proper disposal and better management of end-of-life products.

Lait creme aluminum 

heat Embryolisse 

A caring company.

Embryolisse is a family-owned and independent company that shares strong values instilled by its leaders: honesty, expertise, simplicity, and respect. On a daily basis, this means:

For its employees: fostering well-being at work through moments of sharing and conviviality (welcoming new arrivals, festive meetings, sports training...), mutual support to achieve a common goal, and training opportunities for young people (apprenticeships, internships). For its clients and consumers: prioritizing commitment and delivering on promises. The customer service and quality teams, based at the headquarters in near Paris, are attentive and responsive. For its partners, suppliers, and subcontractors: emphasizing long-term partnerships and adopting a more responsible procurement policy.