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Article: Estefania Suarez, one woman’s story and her inspiring Freelance MUA career

Nia Suarez, makeup artist - Beautiful People Story
Puerto Rico

Estefania Suarez, one woman’s story and her inspiring Freelance MUA career

Let’s dive in the touching story of the talented freelance MUA Estefania Suarez, a lesson of both humility and will.

Estefania, can you walk us through your personal and freelance MUA story?

I grew up in the atmosphere of a loving and respectful home and family. My 3 siblings and I are all married now, living our best lives and we are still very close. 

A life change

When I graduated in Modern Languages, I started working as a flight attendant. 4 years ago, I was diagnosed with a Linfoma No Hodgkin cancer and I had to stop working. I suddently realized that it was a time to do something bigger with my life. Makeup has always been a passion, and, in a way, my health condition helped me switch to a freelance MUA career.

Freelance MUA career

I am self-thought professional but I also attended several courses with some amazing artists such as Mario Dedivanovic (Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist) and Tamanna Roashan from Dress Your Face.

I have been working as a Freelancer MUA for the last 3 years now, I do makeovers for weddings, all kinds of social events and editorial looks.  Makeup is all about emotions, I love seeing a confident and strong woman after a makeover. The feeling of being, somehow, partly responsible for that is the best reward in the world.

 Freelance MUA - Artist

Estefania’s work for an editorial: @makeoverwithnia

Has it been a smooth road? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

Oh, no for sure! Building your portfolio takes time and your freelance MUA reputation can never be taken for granted. However, I feel satisfied to get where I am today.
Unpredictable events of life showed me the path and gave me the strength to move on, I have been working nonstop on my skills, I had to make my way in an environment that was very different from what I knew and people recognize me for that. It is a fantastic journey that I am happy to take.

Tell us why your freelance MUA work is so special?

My signature is my flawless and clean makeup application and I must admit that I am kind of proud of that.
My main focus is my customers’ satisfaction and this goes behond the makeup itself. It takes time to get to know a person and understand their needs and desires. I love to take this talking time before starting a makeup, it helps my models feel really comfortable around me and I am so grateful for that.
Also, I recently started working for makeup and skincare brands that I really love and appreciate, it is a new step for me and I am enjoying it.
freelance MUA

Nia working on a model

Who or what inspire you the most?

Women of all ages and races inspire me every day. Looking at their faces and picturing what I can do to enhance their unique traits really stimulate my creativity. I’m also constantly impressed by the technique and works of others MUA because I love diversity as much as every approach of makeup.

How would you describe the meaning of the word BEAUTY?

Beauty is more an attitude than a physical trait, it means love and respect to the others and to yourself. Beauty describes a good heart and a kind soul, it is the art of being a helpful and loving human being.
freelance MUA - Cancer

Estefania: MUA and Model. 

Nia, what is your own skincare routine, and why is so important to you?

My routine is quite simple but meticulous. I double cleanse at night and I use a toner with active ingredients to help my hyperpigmentation and clog pores, retinol to help my fine lines, and a good moisturizer and always wear sunscreen of course!
I love wearing makeup, I am a freelance MUA and I know that a healthy skin contributes to a radiant result. I always teach my models that if they want a photoshopped effect on their makeup, they need to work and spend time on their skincare routine adapted to their skin type.

Can you share with us some of your pro skin prep tips/tricks before makeup?

Of course! Skin preparation is mandatory for a good makeup application.

I start with a very clean canvas, then I put a facial mist, a moisturizer, and then I would put a poreless effect primer. If I have a model with very oily skin, I would put moisturizer, lightly dust some loose powder and apply a matte setting spray before foundation. Right away after foundation, I would go again with the matte setting spray.

The aspect of the skin is very important for a smooth makeup application and it will help looking ten times better.

Among Embryolisse’s skincare products, which ones are your favorites?

  1. Lait Crème Concentré is amazing for the dry skin of my clients. It really moisturizes the skin and the foundation goes so smoothly and creaseless.
    Doesn’t feel greasy and a little goes a long way, so the product will last you for so long. That cream is magic! Highly recommended.
  2. Moisturizing Cream with Orange is a concentrate of energizing vitamins. I’ve just discovered this cream and I use it for myself. I apply it morning and night for 10 days when I feel the need. My skin is plumped, moisturized, toned and radiant. I love it.

Skincare tips

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