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Article: Samantha Klein, “Part of being a creative make-up artist is to think outside of the box and be as unique as possible.”

Samantha Klein: Make up Artist Skincare

Samantha Klein, “Part of being a creative make-up artist is to think outside of the box and be as unique as possible.”

Samantha Klein, one of the most sensitive and creative make-up artists we had the chance to meet welcomes us to both of her worlds. From her quiet home of Hermosa Beach, CA where she relaxes and recharges, she shares the bustle of her backstage life.

Samantha, looking back at your early life and career, what led you to be the creative make-up artist you are today?

I’ve always been a creative individual gravitating towards art, music, dance, sports, etc. In my teenage years, I struggled with acne breakouts which played a toll on my self-esteem. This led me to explore makeup. I discovered that concealer could give me that extra boost of confidence and cover my flaws. That’s when I realized I could intertwine my love for art with beauty while helping others feel beautiful in their own skin.

Samantha Klein - Creative make-upCreation by Samantah Klein

Being a creative make-up artist is a dream career for many, but is it as easy as it seems to be?

This career is a bumpy road, even after 15 years there are ups and downs. The competition is rough when you’re breaking into a new market trying to establish yourself. There’s so much rejection in the beginning until you are seen as a true creative make-up artist and professional. Over time, I learned that the key is persistence and not giving up, even through hard times. My heart told me quitting wasn’t an option, so I’ve had to redirect my makeup journey many times. Especially freelancing, I learned I can’t control when people hire me for jobs, but I do my best to create opportunities and somehow it works out.

How would you describe your creative process and talent?

My goal is to be as well-rounded as possible which comes from experience. My skill sets and range include working on any skin tone, age and ethnicity. I’m probably known for clean beauty and natural makeup, but I enjoy more creative make-up and avant-garde work. That’s where I strive to be as versatile as possible while using my imagination bringing ideas to life. Over the years, I’ve entailed a strong business sense coupled with an art background which has helped me find success and continue to grow.
Samantha Klein - Makeup
Samantha Klein’s make-up creation.

What is the source of your inspiration?

I find inspiration through our senses: Touch, taste, hearing, seeing and smell all play a role in my makeup creations.
For example, I may touch something with a unique texture and a thought pops in my mind to incorporate that on the next beauty shoot. Part of being an artist is to think outside of the box and be as unique as possible.

Interesting! What is your own definition of BEAUTY?

Beauty means feeling beautiful in your own skin, from the inside out.

Samantha Klein - Creative make-up

Water beauty creation by Samantha Klein

What about your own skincare routine?

The older I get, the less makeup I wear. I’m all about great skincare and letting my natural skin breathe. I have sensitive skin so I use products that won’t strip the protective barrier, nourish and treat it properly. Good makeup always starts with great skin.

Do you have a routine for skin preparation on your models as well?

Yes, of course! Gently exfoliated and super hydrated skin is a must for a great makeup application. Using the correct products for each particular skin type will make a world of difference when prepping the skin for makeup.

Samantha working on a model / Fashion editorial –  Mith Magazine.

Samantha working on a model / Fashion editorial –  Mith Magazine.

What are your top two products among Embryolisse skincare range?

I literally can not live without Embryolisse’s Lait-Creme Concentrate, it’s so universal. It’s a drink of moisture the skin immediately responds to. The slip it gives is exceptional when applying foundation. Also, I use it to thin out thicker foundations for more sheer coverage or I’ll use a tiny dab to clean up and sharpen lines especially on cat wing eyeliner. 

The other product I love is their Eau De Beaute Rosamelis (rose water) toner. It’s so refreshing and light on the skin, it instantly revitalizes cakey makeup and smells amazing. I love using this on a cotton pad after washing my face at night to remove any last traces of makeup.

Make up Artist Skincare Tips

And your motto, if you have one?

The difference between try and triumph is a little UMPH 😉

Thank you so much Samantha for sharing your creative make-up artist story.

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