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Article: Winter Skincare Routine: Keep your skin healthy through the cold

Winter Skincare Routine: Keep your skin healthy through the cold
Damaged skin

Winter Skincare Routine: Keep your skin healthy through the cold

Like every year, the cold damages and drastically dries your skin and you have to transition your skincare routine to winter.

Temperatures plummet and inclement weather set in, causing chapped hands and lips, tight cheeks, and tingling noses. Faced with negative temperatures, the body prioritizes irrigation of the vital organs, leaving the skin aside. The epidermis moisture is depleted, thus the skin dries up and becomes fragile, furthermore, wearing a mask doesn’t help.

Fortunately, Embryolisse’s winter skincare routine addresses the skin discomfort with nourishing and repairing treatments that instantly soothe and comfort the skin.

Winter Skincare  - Dry Skin


Embryolisse winter skincare routine

For your face

Give your skin nourishing textures with the Filaderme Emulsion (for very dry skin). These treatments combine shea natural ingredients: butter, beeswax, vegetable squalane, and soy proteins that nourish, repair, and protect the skin.

The Protective Repair Stick, enriched with butter and oils of natural origin, brings back hydration and softness to dehydrated lips.

For your hands

The hands are one of the areas of the body suffering from the coldest: they require special attention. The Softening Hand Cream, with its nourishing and lipid-replenishing active ingredients, brings comfort, softness, and protection.

For the tip of the nose or any other area weakened by external aggressions, Cicalisse Restorative Skincare Cream is the best ally for moisturizing and soothing stressed skin. The barrier function is reinforced for regenerated skin and regained skin comfort.

For your body

The skin of the body just needs as much attention as the skin of your face. Take care of it with a treatment enriched with nutrients and lipid-replenishing active ingredients of natural origin: Rich Body Cream Milk. The epidermis is nourished and the signs of dryness disappear.

Always remove makeup and cleanse your skin

Winter Skincare  - Dry Skin

Even without wearing makeup, it is essential to cleanse your skin carefully morning and evening.

In the morning, you will eliminate toxins and impurities accumulated during the night. As a result, the skin will be able to better protect itself against external aggressions.

In the evening, you will eliminate the particles accumulated during the day and you will also allow your skin to better regenerate and detoxify.

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