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Article: The Ultimate In Anti‑Blemish Skincare

Anti-Blemish Skincare

The Ultimate In Anti‑Blemish Skincare

3-in-1 Secret Paste

A new multipurpose anti-blemish product formulated with 98% natural ingredients. Ultra-active Turmeric is combined with two other 100% natural ingredients to improve skin quality and radiance.


3.in1 Secrete Paste Skincare

  • A traditional beauty secret in India, chickpea powder - from France - provides cleansing, exfoliating and unifying action to attenuate redness, unclog pores and regulate sebum production.
  • Rich in magnesium and manganese, Yellow Clay offers the same absorbent effectiveness as Green Clay, with ultra-gentle action to boot.

Perfect for sensitive skin... and all other skin types! This mattifying and toning cream made in France - replenishes minerals, purifies and detoxifies the skin leaving it feeling supple and comfortable, with a radiantly healthy glow.

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Secrete Paste result after testing on a panel of women



An Ancestral Beauty Secret

This skincare product contains one of the best-kept secrets of traditional Indian culture. In the days leading up to her marriage ceremony, the bride-to-be applies a daily haldi (turmeric) mask to her face to ensure that her skin is ultra-radiant on the day of her wedding. Embryolisse has drawn inspiration from this legendary ritual, selecting two natural ingredients for its Secret Paste: organic Turmeric extract, which improves skin quality, and chickpea powder, with purifying and brightening properties. An ancestral secret for increasingly beautiful skin.

Indian Bride - Skicnare Ritual with Turmeric

1. S.O.S. Anti-Blemish Care

Do you have a new pimple? Applied directly to blemishes in the evening, 3-in-1 Secret Paste works overnight to dry out pimples and reduce redness.
Simply rinse off in the morning and use the most suitable daily skincare.

Dries out and diminishes the appearance of pimples overnight: 73%
Attenuates associated redness: 94%

Before/After one night

2. Anti-Shine Mask

When applied in a thick layer once or twice a week for 10 minutes, 3-in-1 Secret Paste works as an absorbent, purifying mask that directly targets sebum production. Rinsed off with water, detoxified skin immediately looks fresher and healthier, and imperfections are visibly diminished.

Absorbs excess sebum and erases imperfections: 94%
Brightens the complexion: 97%

3. Daily Purifying Cleanser

Once a day, massage the 3 in 1 Secret Paste over damp skin, like a classic cleanser and enjoy the extra purifying and deep cleansing benefits. It leaves skin perfectly clean and ready for the subsequently applied active ingredients.

Purifies and deeply cleanses skin: 97%
Eliminates impurities: 97%
Unclogs pores: 94%
Self-assessment by 33 volunteers - 28 days of use

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