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Article: Embryolisse Serums

Face Serums by Embryolisse
Combination skin

Embryolisse Serums

Our Dermo-Cosmetic Experts guidance for your skin type. Discover our serums.

Highly concentrated in moisturizing and smoothing active ingredients, Embryolisse serums are your allies to boost the beauty of the skin and bring long-lasting radiance. Our serums are suitable for all skin types, according to your epidermis needs.

Follow the guide to find the serum your skin needs.


Your Skin Is Thirsty? Discover Hydra Serum

Hydra-Serum is an ultra-concentrated aqueous serum that acts on the key hydration mechanisms to instantly revitalize all skin types.

hydration serums

The unique formula with two types of hyaluronic acids in a refreshing texture intensely quenches as well as durably hydrates the skin. 

Hydra-Serum works even better when combined with Hydra-Cream Light.

Suggested use: Apply it before your moisturizer.

Your Skin Is Dull? Choose Radiant Complexion Serum

Radiant Complexion Serum is a complexion-perfecting treatment that moisturizes, illuminates, and smoothes the skin texture.Radiant skin serums

Its particular combination of hyaluronic acid and glycerin delivers long-lasting moisturization and a plumping effect. Extracts of lemon and witch hazel revitalize the skin and reduce the appearance of pores. As a result, your complexion looks silky and more refined.

Face Serums by Embryolisse Radiant Complexion Serum


Need an Anti-Aging Solution? Apply Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Serum

Anti-Aging Re-Densifying Serum is an ultra-penetrating gel serum for mature skin. A strong concentrate of antioxidant ingredients that not only stimulate collagen production and help preserve elastin but also regenerate, smooth and plump the epidermis thanks to a large dose of hyaluronic acid to bind water in the skin.

Anti Aging Serums

The skin’s structure is strengthened, reinforced, firmed, plumped up and more elastic. The oval of the face is redefined, tiny wrinkles are erased and deeper wrinkles are diminished. As a result, your face looks younger day after day.

Face Serums by EmbryolisseComplete Serum

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