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Article: Laurel Enright: How she transitioned from a teen struggling with her skin to a licensed esthetician now helping others

licensed esthetician skincare tips

Laurel Enright: How she transitioned from a teen struggling with her skin to a licensed esthetician now helping others

Lauren Enright is a licensed esthetician who specializes in introducing clients to the art of relaxation with results. Her beauty blog is a source of pride for her as it has helped countless individuals discover the transformative power of self-care. She is determined to help others find solace in their journey. Thus, she gladly shares her experiences and insights to make others’ paths easier.
If my experiences make someone else’s life easier, then I am grateful to have made a positive impact on the world.
As a ninth-generation Californian, Lauren Enright’s soul yearns for the serene shores of the beach. The crashing waves, the salty sea air, and the lively sounds of sea creatures all help her escape from the bustle of daily life. Living in California has instilled in her a calm and easy-going demeanor.

Laurel, what’s your story?

Drawing on my European heritage, I cherish the timeless traditions of France, Germany, Ireland, and Scotland. Navigating my skincare regimen without a compass, I followed in my mother’s footsteps, relying on knowledge passed down from my grandmother. In a world of options, we either frequented the mall or sought expert advice at the dermatologist’s office. As a teen, cystic acne eroded my self-esteem, with peers and even strangers making unkind remarks about my complexion. My desperate search for a solution led me to undergo the trauma of two rounds of Accutane that left lasting effects.

My introduction to the world of esthetics began with a random conversation I had with a lash artist. I was moved by her professional background and decided to enroll in school myself to become a licensed esthitician. With firsthand experience of the pain that acne can bring, I felt a personal calling to assist others experiencing the same struggles.

Having graduated early from school, I eagerly began my licensed esthetician career. However, just as I was ready to open up shop, the pandemic hit and my plans were derailed.
Determined to overcome this setback, I reached out to a support group of salon owners. They suggested starting a blog and I discovered the power of blogging.
Writing has always been a passion of mine, even though I was told I could never make a living from it. Oh, the irony! Three years later, my skincare blog has blossomed into a beautiful community.
licensed esthetician skincare tipslicensed esthetician skincare tips

What inspires you the most, today?

I find my greatest inspiration in the many individuals who entrust me with their skincare journeys. Unfortunately, many regard skincare merely as “girly stuff” or believe that dermatologists alone are qualified to handle skincare needs. However, skincare is a deeply emotional subject that can significantly impact how we feel about ourselves. When you find a skincare routine that suits you, your self-confidence and self-image can improve dramatically. While dermatologists are highly skilled in the medicinal aspects of skincare, there are many gentle and effective techniques that a licensed esthetician such as myself can provide. 

All skincare professionals who are passionate about helping others with their skin have a positive and necessary place in the beauty industry.

What does BEAUTY truly mean to you?

Through the years of enduring bullying for my acne, I’ve come to realize that only you can determine your own definition of beauty. It’s crucial to be your own ally and admirer, regardless of where you’re at in your life. For me, true beauty is found within oneself and is of utmost importance. While makeup, skincare, and beauty tools can improve physical appearance, they can never replace the significance of compassion and understanding. Ultimately, it’s these qualities that make a person truly dazzling in my eyes.

And what about your skincare routine, and the one you recommend to your readers?

My skin routine is simple yet effective:
  • a gentle cleanser
  • a hydrating oil
  • sunscreen.

I steer clear of using too many products at once to avoid overwhelming my skin. As a skincare professional, I have access to advanced tools such as LED light and nano-needling for occasional variety.

When working with clients, I prioritize their comfort and well-being by first checking for any allergies and thoroughly examining their skin. I begin with a double cleanse and assess their skin’s condition to determine the best course of action.

For clients prone to acne, I often recommend a relaxing massage under the steamer to soften impurities and make extraction easier. This technique is especially helpful for makeup-wearers, whose pores can suffer from inadequate cleansing.

By prioritizing proper skincare, you can decrease the need for heavy makeup as your skin becomes clearer and more radiant.

What are your favorite Embryolisse products?

Among the array of Embryolisse products, the Lait Crème Concentré and Active Night Peeling effortlessly stand out, occupying a special place in my heart.

  • The Lait Creme Concentre is a profound asset while prepping for my beauty blog content shoots; its benefits are simply unmatched.
  • Speaking of the Active Night Cream, it truly leaves my skin feeling extremely velvety and adresses my pesky acne scars with its potent AHA extract. This amazing overnight peel is a pure indulgence for anyone seeking a truly exquisite skincare experience.

What’s is your greatest motivator in life?

My greatest motivator is my desire to avoid stagnation and pursue growth every year. I live by the mantra of “mindful productivity and rejuvenation.” Essentially, I believe in balancing hard work with rest to achieve optimal results.
Relaxation with results!

Thank you so much Laurel for sharing your licensed esthetician journey and blogger story with our readers.

Contact information:

Laurel Enright: licensed esthetician and blogger

Youtube: @baeleafbeautyblog

Instagram: @baeleafbeautyblog

Facebook: @baeleafbeautyblog 

Spotify podcast: Bea Leaf Beauty Blog

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