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Well-moisturized Summer Skin

Our Dermo-Cosmetic Experts tips for a radiant and well-moisturized summer skin.

Summertime x Summer Skin

Summer often rhymes with beach, pool and sun. Exceptional moments that, unfortunately, damage the epidermis. You must, therefore, adapt your beauty routine to take care of your summer skin and hydrate it properly.

Did you know? Optimal hydration is often sufficient for radiant and healthy skin. Hydration is also the first and best prevention against aging.

HYDRA-SERUM: Active Hydration Booster

Full of ultra-hydrating active ingredients, Hydra Serum instantly recharges the skin with water and provides long-lasting moisturizing.

Suggested use: Apply it before your moisturizer.

HYDRA-MASK: Intensive moisturizing and regenerating care

Hyaluronic acid, natural origin plant oils (sesame and sweet almond) and vitamins (A, E, F) not only regenerate the skin’s barrier but smooth the skin and ensure an optimum moisturizing.

Summer skin - Hydra-Mat moisturizer

Suggested use: Apply once or twice a week on face and neck, apply to clean, dry skin. Leave for 15 minutes, then rinse off the excess.

Summer Skin: Light-textured moisturizers for your body

Suggested use: Apply after the shower, starting with the lower body (calves, knees, thighs, buttocks) and going up upwards (bust, arms).

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