Skin exposure to sunlight

Skin Exposure To Sunlight, Without Danger

The sun has positive effects on our global health. It is a good source of energy, and natural light improves our mental wellness and mood. The sun’s rays have also the power to promote the production of vitamin D, which will allow better assimilation of calcium and better preservation of our bone capital. However, we must respect a few simple rules and be aware of the risk of staying out too long in the sun.

Skin Exposure To Sunlight: What happens?

In the sun, our bodies produce melanin which causes tanning. But this melanin production is actually a defense mechanism to protect our skin from the negative effects of the sun (UVA and UVB rays). Prolonged exposure to sunlight can, under certain conditions, impair the effectiveness of this defense mechanism. The skin can no longer properly defend itself.

This is why it is good to prepare it beforehand, then to protect it effectively to avoid sunburn and premature aging.

Get prepared for Skin Exposure To Sunlight:

When Do I Start?

As soon as possible, to gradually wake up melanin, the level of which drops during winter due to the lack of sunlight. Especially since by favoring certain foods that will stimulate melanin, you will already achieve a healthy glow before exposure.

progressive skin exposure to sunlight for beautiful skin

What Should I Eat?

Yes, the idea is to put on the menu the colors you want to give to your cheeks such as carrots and tomatoes, delicious in salads or in juice. But we must also favor foods rich in vitamins A, C, and E which will protect the skin by their antioxidant power, capable of fighting free radicals and limiting skin aging:

  • Vitamin A: fatty fish, egg yolks, dairy products, orange/yellow fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamin C: practically all fruits, but especially citrus fruits and kiwi
  • Vitamin E: avocado, cabbage and different oils to mix in your salads (sunflower, hazelnut, rapeseed, wheat germ)

Skin Exposure To Sunlight: Follow basic rules.

The rules to follow are often common-sense recommendations.

PROGRESSIVENESS: The first skin exposures should be gradual, why? The melanin is not active during winter and must readjust gently to better protect the skin cells.

CAUTION: Avoid times when the sun is high in the sky because rays are too strong. It is recommended not to expose yourself between 12:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.

PROTECTION: Always use sun protection with an adapted SFP index. You can play absolute safety by adopting an index of 50. This is particularly recommended for light skin, which is less resistant. And that doesn’t prevent you from tanning.

ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES: Sunglasses and hat.

HYDRATION: It is recommended to drink plenty of water and hydrate the body regularly, especially in hot weather.

All of these precautions are even more fundamental for children, who do not feel the need to protect themselves and hydrate.

Did You Know?

A light tan (moderate and gradual skin exposure to sunlight with good sun protection) is also the most beautiful and long-lasting one.

Sublimating Beauty Oil for Face, Body and Hair

Dry oil can be used in all seasons, but summer is still the perfect time to appreciate its benefits on the skin. Neckline, arms, and legs are both protected and enhanced by a non-greasy satin veil with a delicate floral scent.

Two Tips To Beautify and Prolong Your Tan

Once or twice a week:

Use the Exfoliating Cream which, by gently eliminating dead cells, will promote a luminous tan.
Apply Hydra Mask to hydrate, or the Anti-Aging Comfort Mask, to hydrate and nourish the face.

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