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Men’s skin: characteristics and daily routine

The characteristics of men’s skin:

Under the effect of hormones and mainly testosterone, men’s skin has its own characteristics:

  • Men’s skin is naturally richer in collagen and thicker (15 to 20% vs. women’s skin), it ages later. But once this process begins, the skin is gradually marked with deeper wrinkles. It is therefore important to protect it by applying suitable skincare products.
  • It contains more sebaceous glands, it produces more sebum, and therefore will be oilier. It is important to favor hydrating and mattifying fluid textures in order to provide the skin with only what it needs and reduce shininess.
  • Men’s skin contains more hair follicles, and the beard covers an average of 1/3 of the facial surface. Shaving is a major daily assault that damages the upper layers of the epidermis, disrupts the skin flora, causes feelings of tightness, and can lead to the appearance of ingrown hairs.

Choosing the right skin care

Men’s skin ages relatively late, but wrinkles will be deeper. It is therefore important to protect the skin as early as possible by applying appropriate care that may delay the onset of signs of aging.

It is important to favor hydrating and mattifying fluid textures in order to provide the skin with only the essentials and to magnify it.

The application of alcohol-free, moisturizing, rebalancing and repairing cleansers is therefore essential before you can fully enjoy the day.

Important point: it is important to take care of your skin and apply moisturizers and protectors even if you are not shaving! Some smart aftershaves can be applied all over the face, including unshaved areas to moisturize them and protect them from external aggressions.

Daily routine:

  • Cleanse your skin with a mild, soap-free product or Active Water mist. An essential gesture in the evening of course, but also in the morning to eliminate nocturnal secretions, activate microcirculation and start the day with perfectly pure skin. Every day, sebum, pollution, and dust end up clogging the pores, suffocating the skin and altering its barrier function. As soon as they are eliminated, the skin breathes again, it is healthier, fresher, and clearer.

Moisturize your skin morning and evening. Moisturizing your face is the second essential step for beautiful skin. In addition, hydration fights daily aggressions which give the skin a dull and irregular appearance due to the evaporation of the water contained therein.

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