Repair your skin after summer

How to Repair Your Skin After Summer

Our Dermo-Cosmetic Experts advice to repair you skin after summer.

With September well and truly here, your skin still has a beautiful tan and your complexion is radiant, so why would you need to take care of it more than usual?

The sun (even with sunscreen), wind, sand, sea salt, and chlorine from swimming pools have harmed your skin. Therefore, the outer layer of your epidermis has dried out and the innermost layer has weakened.

It is, therefore, necessary to pamper your skin after summer by providing it with water and lipids to restore and rebuild it.

To do so, we recommend focusing on an S.O.S. routine by choosing moisturizers enriched with soothing active ingredients, such as aloe vera, sweet almond oil, or beeswax.

The shower

Always favor a quick shower over a hot bath

Cleansing bar )noo soap) - Repair your skin after summer.
  1. Use mild, soap-free cleansing creams or bars made with shea butter or vegetable oils.
  2. Pat your skin dry with a towel and above all, do not rub!

Recommended Product: Gentle Cleansing Bar

Dermatologic soapless cleansing care with a smooth texture that gently envelops the skin and eliminates daily impurities while maintaining optimal hydration.

Hydrate your body skin after summer

Wrap your body in a cocoon of softness

Whether you have dry, oily, combination, or sensitive skin type, generously apply your body moisturizer twice a day. To properly repair the epidermis, opt for cocooning textures: milks, creams, or oils that are richer and nourish deeply.

Recommended products: Beauty Oil or Rich Body Milk Cream

Beauty Oil: Quickly absorbed, it leaves the skin soft, silky, and comfortable. Quickly penetrated, it is the perfect daily care.

Rich Body Milk Cream: Nutri-hydrating and restorative skincare that fills the skin with moisturizing, nourishing, and lipid-replenishing active ingredients. As a result, the signs of dryness and discomfort disappear, the skin is protected, comfortable, and smooth.

For a glowing complexion

Moisturize and hydration mask twice a week

To intensely rehydrate the epidermis of your face, opt for moisturizing and regenerating masks. Twice a week, apply first a thick layer, then, leave on for fifteen minutes, and finally, massage to penetrate. If necessary remove the excess by wiping or rinsing it.

The moisturizer and masks will help plump and smooth your skin after summer. It will, therefore, capture light better with a radiant complexion!

Recommended products: Hydra-Serum + Hydra-Mat Emulsion + Hydra-Mask

Hydra-Serum: full of ultra-hydrating active ingredients, it immediately and lastingly quenches the skin.

Hydra-Mat Emulsion: Suitable for the most dehydrated and sensitive skin. The epidermis regains balance, softness and soothing thanks to the care benefits that also help to better protect itself from external aggressions. It absorbs excess sebum and ensures optimum moisturizing and long-lasting matt effect

Hydra-Mask: Real hydration bath, it replenishes the skin with moisturizing as well as regenerating active ingredients. The skin regains a plump and toned appearance, it is soft and smooth with a fresh and radiant complexion.

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