Cristian Ramayo - Frelance makeup artist, Los Angeles

Cristian Ramayo, “Being a freelance makeup artist is not a job, it’s my lifestyle.”

Meeting with Cristian Ramayo, a colorful freelance makeup artist from Los Angeles, who grew up in Campeche (Mexico) behind the stage of one of the biggest Carnival festivals in the Americas.

Cristian, can you briefly walk us through your personal story and tell us how you became a freelance makeup artist?


My story starts in my native Campeche, in southeast Mexico. I was the youngest of three siblings, the playful one and also the spoiled one. I was my mom’s favorite in a traditional catholic Mexican family. We were kind of tight as I was growing up but my parents managed to give all we need. I was a very creative cute blondish kid, a very happy people person always signing up for school activities and dance contests. In Middle School, I even took an electricity class because I wanted to create lamps among other things.

Unfortunately, my cushy happy world came to a crash when my mother die when I was 15. It devastated my family and I ended up living with my uncle, a local fashion designer, and a celebrity in his own right. Thanks to him, I got exposed to the fashion world, lights and shows. Carnaval of Campeche is the most important celebration there. It’s a big deal like in New Orleans, Rio or Venezia and it almost lasts a month in February. The preparations start almost eight months before and my uncle was deeply involved in it. This is how I first got in contact with make-up and freelance makeup artists.

Carnival of Campeche, Mexico.

Young adulthood

During that time I finish college and graduated in Communications, but my soul belonged already to the glamour and the beauty of the arts. I started helping well-established make-up artists in my home town for all kinds of events, television shootings and for the Carnaval. This is how I discovered my passion for make-up but I never went completely into it at that time.

Then, I met the guy who became my husband and I moved to Los Angeles with him. As I was getting settled into my new life in California, I started doing make-ups for my friends for parties, weddings, social events and or other occasions. They really liked the way I played with colors and shadows to make them look beautiful. At the same time, during my first years of marriage, my husband and I were traveling a lot. I started attending seminars and classes in different places, led by different artists with particular styles and techniques. I strengthened my skills with this new learning and a lot of practice.


Currently, I mainly work in Los Angeles as a freelance makeup artist for social events, red carpets events and all in between and I go back to Campeche every time I can to teach women how to do their own make-up. I also take advantage of every opportunity I can find to take make-up classes for myself. I attend demonstrations and seminars with professional MUAs to perpetually be on a learning curve and stay on top.

My childhood dream has come true. I fight for it daily with perseverance and, I am getting better every day. Life is a never-ending process and I want to be here for the long run. 

Cristian Ramayo in Los Angeles (Photo credits: Maper)

What were some of the struggles along the way?

​​I will not say that it has been an easy path, but I have enjoyed it at each stage, from the concern, the interest in the profession, the constant preparation and growth in the process. One of the struggles for a frelance makeup artist is to stay active, trained and qualified to provide a​ unique quality-service to their ​models, but the ​main ​combat is ​to keep the faith and believe in yourself​. 

Tell us about a little bit more about your freelance makeup artist business.

Make-up artistry is my lifestyle and it has become my ​business

​It is a very competitive environment and it is sometimes hard to follow your own path, accept to climb the steps one by one to get the credits you deserve. ​I work ​every day ​to satisfy the customers who visit my studio. Actually, my greatest reward is to pamper them with my brushes and make them feel good about themselves day after day.

Masterclass by C. Ramayo - freelance makeup artist

Masterclass with Cristian Ramayo – (Photo credits: Maper)

​​I use Social Media for self-expression, for sharing my passions and for showcasing my freelance makeup artist’s voice, style and work. My Facebook live broadcasts ​are very popular among my followers and they lead me to constantly schedule more and more masterclasses and training sessions in real-life. I love these professional and social interactions more than anything else, and I must ​confess I am desperately missing them right now (COVID-19​ lockdown). 

I am a passionate, ethical and skilled professional ​with a strong generous, caring and creative personality. ​I feel energized by my customers when I ​take the time to create ​a personalized look that responds to their wishes and needs​ and when I see that they feel beautiful inside and out.

freelance makeup artist - Cristian Ramayo

Cristian working on a model – (Photo credits:Lily Flores Photography)

Who or what inspires you the most?

I find inspiration in nature, travels and social experiences. I am a huge fan of textures and I love combining them with a hint of glam. I also follow several makeup artists and mentors on social networks.

How do you intrepret Beauty in your freelance makeup artist life?

Beauty comes out from passion, creativity and the desire to highlight it, its’ a lifestyle. Beauty is luxury available for free to anyone who would like to see it.  

Creation by C. Ramayo - freelance makeup artist

Creation by Cristian Ramayo – (Photo credits: Lily Flores Photography)

Do you have a meticulous skincare routine?

The skin is like a plant, you have to take care of it, hydrate it, nourish it, protect it so that it always looks alive and radiant.

I am a freelance makeup artist, I must show the example. My skincare routine begins in the morning by washing my face first with a cleansing foam, then I use a natural aqua gel from the Cure brand to gently remove layers of dry dead or rough skin to obtain clear, firm and ideal skin, I continue with a facial spray with aloe cucumber and green tea, then apply a few drops of hyaluronic acid and collagen and finish with my moisturizer depending on the weather, in winter I use Lait-Creme Fluid, in summer Hydra-Mat Emulsion. If I am exhausted I use Smooth Radiant Complexion (Lisseur Bonne Mine).

Do you have a specific skin prep routine for your models as well?

​​For me, the skin preparation is the fundamental key of a good make-up. I spend approximately 10 min on each skin before creating a look. In my kit, ​I always have a cleansing foam, a micellar lotion, tonics, facial spray, a shot of vitamins (hyaluronic acid and collagen), my serum and different ​E​mbryolisse moisturizers. 
The Primer is essential ​for a long-lasting make-up but also to build a base ​that leaves the skin with a silky, smooth texture ​and ​fills any ​skin ​imperfection with a light and neutral effect.

Cristian during a M.A.C makeup event

What are your two “darling” skincare products among Embryolisse range?

1. Hydra-Mat Emulsion: perfectly moisturizes the skin for many hours with a matte finish leaving the skin soft and fresh.

2. Smooth Radiant Complexion (Lisseur Bonne Mine): It is perfect for tired skin and I use it a lot for mature skin and brides. It leaves the skin hydrated and toned with a fresh and radiant appearance.


And your motto, if you have one?

My own motto is “Being a freelance makeup artist is not a job, it’s my lifestyle.”

The one that helps me to keep going is: “Only those who risk going too far can find out how far they can go.” – TS ELIOT


Thank you so much Cristian for sharing your colorful story with our readers.

Contact information:

Cristian Ramayo Make up Studio

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  1. Denisse V Carranza says:

    Cristian is an incredible, sensitive human being. His enormous charisma and big heart merge when he does his job and the result is fascinating. I swear, I am a faithful admirer of his art.

  2. IFADY ALINKA says:

    Cristian es un gran artista que ha crecido profesionalmente a base de disciplina. Se mantiene como el favorito dentro de la comunidad Campechana por su nobleza y el orgullo hacia sus raíces. Es empático y siempre está a la vanguardia buscando realzar la belleza natural de cada persona. Mi admiración y cariño por siempre.

  3. Cecilia Jaramillo says:

    Cristian is one the best make-up artist that I met, he is so passionate on what hi does. I wish him to continue being one of the best on his courier, God Bless you not only for your professional skills but also as a human being.💛

  4. Priscila novelo says:

    Hi Cristian, I am proud that you have put the name of Campeche Mexico, up high, I am from Campeche currently living in Pacoima California and I look at your work, and it is magnificent, blessing.

  5. Shei Yanerys Córdova says:

    Es un orgullo tener en nuestro estado de Campeche a un gran artista del maquillaje como lo es Cristian Ramayo. Su profesionalismo, disciplina y el amor al realizar cada maquillaje son parte de su sello, el cual queda marcado en la excelencia de cada uno de sus trabajos.

  6. Shei Yanerys Córdova says:

    Es un orgullo para el estado de Campeche, tener a un gran artista del maquillaje como Cristian Ramayo. Su profesionalismo, disciplina y amor por el maquillaje, son parte de su sello que queda plasmado en la excelencia de cada uno de sus trabajos.

    • Aangelina dcp says:

      El mejor maquillista profesional 😍💜 felicidades por tus logros cristian ! The best the professional makeup artist congratulations

  7. Africa says:

    Cristian Ramayo es un súper artista del MakeUP que enaltece el nombre de campeche yo soy su admiradora y fan de su trabajo todo mi respeto para él y su trabajo 😍😍

  8. Lizett Guzman says:

    Cristian Ramayo un gran Artista, ademas de ser una excelente persona. Tengo el gusto de conocerlo y la verdad su trabajo es excepcional. Lo conocí cuando tome uno de sus curzos de Automaquillaje. Y soy su fan , lo sigo en todas sus redes por que admiro su trabajo y talento. Tiene una gran personalidad y delicadeza a la vez. Personalmente en una escala de 1 a 10 yo le doy un 10 y les recomiendo mucho sus curzos. 💖💄🌹

  9. Helmy Blázquez says:

    Que orgullo Cristian, eres grande, gracias por compartir tu trabajo por las diferentes plataformas y los consejos que nos das, te deseo muchos éxitos más!

  10. Asenet says:

    Cristian Ramayo es un ejemplo de perseverancia, dedicación y pasión en cada uno de sus proyectos, el mejor, te admiramos, gracias por dejar en alto el nombre de Campeche y de México, que sigan los éxitos,.

  11. Selina Sandoval says:

    Cristian Ramayo, entusiasta, dulce, creativo, alegre, una gran persona…..
    Encontrarlo en el camino ha sido una gran experiencia.
    Muchas felicidades y bendiciones a su vida hoy y siempre.


    Muchas felicidades Cris por tu talento y esa maravillosa personalidad qué posees qué sigan tus éxitos y bendiciones en todo lo que te propongas….mis mejores deseos 💖🙏😘

  13. Jenelly says:

    Felicidades Cristian 🤩 excelente todo lo qué haces 🙌🏻 orgullosamente de todos tus logros como Campechano y mexicano 👏🏻👏🏻 que sigan los éxitos !!!🤩🙌🏻

  14. Abril says:

    Hands down the best make up artist in the industry! Not only does he make you feel beautiful but he truly listens to what you want. There’s not an event in my life where I have been without his hands blessing me. Wonderful human with a heart of gold.

  15. Luis Alcocer says:

    Solo puedo resumir mi comentario,.. que es una gran ser humano y una persona profesional en el arte del maquillaje.

    Sigue adelante estimado Cristian Ramayo

  16. Nallely Balam Rodríguez says:

    I have to say that I feel admiration for all the things he has achieved. It makes you proud to know that he is from Campeche. he is a person committed to what he does and of course he does it excellently. I wish him continued success and he continues to be a good human being

  17. Janeth Chalchi says:

    Christian Ramayo es un excelente profesional, su trabajo habla por si mismo, y es un gran orgullo que siga posicionándose, y escalando espacios internacionales en el mundo del maquillaje. Mis felicitaciones!!

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