Cara Lovello makeup artist and photographer

Cara Lovello: Makeup Artist and Photographer

Cara Lovello is a professional makeup artist and photographer, who has been working in the industry for over 15 years.

Growing up, her father was also a photographer and photography teacher so she was constantly exposed to it. Between home and at work, picking up this skill wasn’t long enough before shooting people! The creativity from both sides comes together in perfect harmony.

Her expertise is celebrities and bridal makeup.

I’ve done everything from best selling author Teresa Guidice‘s flawless complexion to making public figure Natalie Negrotti look like her best self.

Tell us about yourself Cara.

Growing up in New Jersey teaches you the hustle. Living just under an hour away from NYC gets you used to the fast pace! One day you wake up and realize “I’m in makeup heaven!”

I specialize in celebrity and bridal makeup. My style that separates me from others is very skin-like makeup application, it’s still full beat, but never cakey. My favorite part of the job is getting to know all of my clients on a personal level. The best thing I can say about working with celebrities is “You can’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone!” I’ve done everything from NY Times best-selling author Teresa Guidice‘s flawless complexion to making public figure Natalie Negrotti look like her best self. 

 It’s all about understanding and trusting your instinct. It’s all about capturing those special moments between myself as the MUA (makeup artist) or DP (director of photography), and for me that comes with experience.

makeup artist and photographer

How is it to work as makeup artist and photographer with celebrities?

I have worked with many stars, actors and actresses, newscasters and public figures. While every industry has its benefits and perks, my favorite thing about working with celebrities is getting to know them on a personal level. There’s something so special about their inner beauty that makes you want to keep them looking their best.

The best thing she’s learned about working with celebrities?

Celebrities can be intimidating, but what I’ve learned over the years is that they’re just like us. They are super fun to hang out with—trust me! 

Cara with

Cara with Nicole Snooki

Could you tell us what BEAUTY means to you?

Beauty is when you feel as good as you look! “For me, makeup is about enhancing your natural beauty. It’s taking what God gave you and making it the best version of yourself possible.”

Can you briefly describe your own skincare routine, and why is so important to you?

Having a great skincare routine is the start of great makeup! Your makeup can only come out as good as your skin allows. My skin care routine is something I live by:

  • cleanser
  • toner
  • serum
  • moisturizer
  • & oil

Can you share with us your pro MUA skin prep tips/tricks before makeup, and why is so important to you?

My pro MUA tips are to always start with a clean canvas. Makeup can only come out as good as your skin allows! I always start off all my clients with Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré and follow it with a primer best for their skin type!

What are your favorite Embryolisse products?

Lait Crème Concentré is hands down a staple in all makeup artist kits for a reason! It moisturizes the skin and is a great base for makeup. Micellar lotion is always a favorite because it’s gentle on the skin and great for taking off makeup! Both are gentle on all skin types, and never irritate my clients’ sensitive skin!

What do you want to be doing in five years?

I see myself still doing what I love most… bridal and celebrity makeup!! It’s such an honor.

What’s is your your best advice for other makeup artists?

The most important thing is finding your own voice. It’s important now more than ever because there are so many different platforms out there which allow you to show your work.
 You can’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone!
Thank you so much Cara for sharing your makeup artist and photographer story with our readers.

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Cara Lovello: Makeup Artist and Photographer

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