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NEW ACTIVE WATER: Simply unique

Because sometimes water is so much more than just H20…

Active Water is a patented technology with remarkable properties and multiple uses. A water combining skincare and beauty that you have never seen before, brought to you by Embryolisse.

At Embryolisse, water is the surest ally for the skin and its radiance! But not just any water: Active Water is more than thermal water, more than micellar water, with all the benefits! It is a very special water. One which is richer and more active than any other that has been developed for cosmetic skincare.

Active Water: An Innovative composition

A patented technology, exclusive to Embryolisse. The water contained in our Active Water is derived from patented Japanese technology. Considered as a “functional” water therapeutic, it is recognized by the pharmacopeia and approved by the Japanese and Korean Ministries of Health. Commonly prescribed in hospitals for its beneficial effects, its dermatological use is now finally adapted to cosmetics.

A natural resource enhanced by science, Active Water is a natural water that has been deoxygenated, purified, and then enriched with negative ions by an electrolytic process before being re-mineralized. These unique characteristics give it special and precious cosmetic properties.

A rare abundance of negative ions. Active Water is 100 000 TIMES RICHER in negatively charged ions than any other water. When in contact with the skin, these negative ions coat and repel bacteria, impurities and pollution particles, such as traces of make-up.

Simplicity itself! Active Water is a short and clear formula, as with all Embryolisse skincare products, adhering to current expectations in terms of transparency and respect. In addition to its exceptional richness in negative ions, Active Water contains 5 minerals (Calcium, Sodium, Phosphorus, Magnesium and Potassium) which strengthen, protect, balance and energize the skin. It is 100% natural and stable, and free of preservatives and controversial ingredients.

“An instant favorite” for Olivier Tissot.

This water mist has the perfect place in the daily lives of both women and men. One spray is enough to neutralize redness, ease feelings of discomfort, and reduce the appearance of pores.

“I recommend using active Water a few minutes before applying the Lait Crème Concentré. For men, as well as soothing the skin after shaving, it leaves the skin supple without leaving the slightest residue. The only thing the Active Water cannot do is set make-up. On the contrary, it removes it. Use it at home in the morning, to remove impurities and traces of sebum before applying your day cream. Don’t hesitate to use it on the neck, décolleté, arms… hands! To sum it up, I would say that this water doesn’t irritate the skin. You get it – I’m a fan!”

Embryolisse Skin care expert and Make-up artist

High tolerance

Active Water does not cause discomfort or dry out the skin. Tested under dermatological and ophthalmological control, it is suitable for all skin types and can even be sprayed on the eyelids and lips as it does not sting or dehydrate. It is 100% natural, with only two ingredients, and free of preservatives and controversial ingredients.

Unique and versatile

Skincare. Active Water soothes and protects the skin from dehydration. The skin is incredibly soft, unified and radiant. It no longer feels tight.

Radiance. Active Water refines and evens out the skin’s texture and reduces the appearance of pores and signs of fatigue. Day after day, it boosts the complexion’s radiance.

Anti-pollution. Active Water is extremely rich in negative ions, which gives it a remarkable property: it repels air pollution particles, impurities and even bacteria. This makes it an exceptional “clean skin” treatment, a little like micellar water but without leaving any residue on the skin. Ideal for those who live in urban areas, traveling on foot or by bicycle.

Cleanser and makeup remover. Active Water removes dead cells as well as the fatty phase of make-up (foundation, BB cream, lipstick…) by simply repelling them with the help of a cotton pad.

A new step in your beauty routine

Active Water is the new step in your beauty routine that has yet to reveal all of its secrets!

One single product, with several uses and many benefits: A calming/protective mist, radiance or cleansing water/makeup remover for face and eyes, Active Water is the first step to take in the morning to wake the skin up and strengthen its barrier function. It can also be applied in the evening to remove impurities and soothe the skin before applying usual nightly skincare products.

Use it in the evening, before bedtime as a makeup remover – even if you don’t wear make-up – and (or) as a “radiance” mist before your usual nightly skincare product.

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