INTRODUCING TWO NEW MUST-HAVE PRODUCTS DEVELOPED BY EMBRYOLISSE Sactive line . skincare with up to 98% ingredeints of natural origins

Innovations: The Active Routine For Women On The Go

New Embryolisse innovations will make life easier for active women with busy lifestyles.

Women manage their careers, family life and children without giving up sports or their social life. As masters of both their bodies and their destiny, they prefer multi-purpose formulas that are as simple to use as they are effective.

When subject to a hectic lifestyle, the body draws on its reserves. This eventually alters the quality of the skin, which becomes increasingly sensitive. Over time, signs of fatigue and stress combined with the effects of pollution and face masks begin to show on the facial features.

Day and night skincare that you can trust!

Introducing two new must-have products developed by Embryolisse specifically for these active women that reduce redness, moisturize and protect the skin from external stress factors.

Day: Smooth-Active Cream

In a single step, this clean formula, enriched with licorice extract and Patagonia root, moisturizes, soothes, reduces redness, revives radiance, and protects your skin against daily stress factors. Smooth Active Cream is Fragrance-Free and thus suitable for extremely sensitive skin.

Smooth cream forn Ative Line Embryolisse

The natural anti-stress ally for overworked skin

  • Natural Active Ingredients: Licorice extract boosts radiance and protects the skin, thanks to its antioxidant properties and Patagonia root delivers soothing and anti-redness action
  • An Innovative Formulation: The formula uses lamellar technology, which imitates the skin’s barrier to better protect it from pollution by limiting the adhesion of fine particles to the surface and inhibiting their penetration into the dermis.
  • A Clean & Sensorial Texture: Formulated with 95% ingredients of natural origin, this lightweight, silky smooth and fragrance-free texture is perfectly tolerated by sensitive skin.
Olivier Tissot - Makeup artist

An excellent make-up base, this ultra- complete skincare has a lightweight, moisturizing and soothing texture to help soothe skin reactivity and reduce redness.

Olivier Tissot
Embryolisse Make-up & Skincare Expert

Night: Active Night Peeling

Enrbyolisse has created active night peeling, to restore radiance and boost cellular exchanges, which are more active at night. An Iron fist in a velvet glove that works while we sleep.

peeling night. innovation by Embryolisse skincare

The magician that reveals the complexion’s radiance

  • Ultimate advantage: An ultra-gentle and ultra-active formula with 95% ingredients of natural origin, which may be used daily, even on sensitive skin.
  • Expert’s secret: Lemon caviar extract micro-dosed into fruit acid, combined with a rich and unique mix of argan and macadamia plant oils, beeswax and shea butter to ensure greater comfort. It brings a new source of natural AHAs.
VÉRONIQUE BROUTIN Development & Innovation Director

Micro-dosed lemon caviar extract can be formulated to match the skin’s physiological pH, which makes it very gentle on the skin, especially when added to a combination of oils, butter and wax even on sensitive skin.

Veronique Broutin
Development & Innovation Director


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